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Industrial Air Washer Unit


An Industrial Air Washer Unit, commonly known as an Air Washer System, is an advanced air conditioning and ventilation system used in industrial and commercial settings. This system combines the functions of cooling, humidification, filtration, and air circulation to achieve optimal indoor air quality, comfort, and temperature control. It's particularly useful in environments where air quality, temperature, and humidity need to be carefully regulated, such as manufacturing facilities, warehouses, data centers, and large commercial spaces.


The primary role of our Industrial Air Washer Unit is to cool and humidify the air. Warm, dry outside air is passed through a series of water-saturated pads or filters. As the air passes through these pads, it is both cooled and humidified through the evaporation process. Our product is made up of Mild Steel which is a durable material. The best Industrial Air Washer Units are manufactured, supplied, and wholesaled by Yashica Engineering. We also provide services for them. Our company is based in New Delhi and we are well-trusted and recognized in the industry because of the quality of our products and services.

  • The cooling process in an Air Washer System is achieved through evaporative cooling. 
  • Industrial Air Washer Units offer precise control over both temperature and humidity levels. 
  • The air circulation provided by it helps distribute conditioned air evenly throughout the space, preventing stagnant areas and promoting uniform cooling and humidification.
Unit Name/Type Industrial Air Washer Unit
Brand Name Yashica Engineering
Mounting Position Floor
Type Double Skin
Material Used SS-304, Aluminium or G.I.
Usage/Application Industrial
Air Flow Range 500-100000 CFM
Power Source Electric
Voltage Range 415V
Phase 3 phase
Surface Finish Polished/Powder Coated
Color Blue
Features High cleanliness and purification of air, Controlling air flow, Equipped with air shower pass box
Payment Modes All banking modes are accepted (RTGS, NEFT, IMPS, IMPS)
Main Domestic Market All over India

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